Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Update to Roll Out in Q4 2012


Owners of Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 should expect to receive the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update any day within the quarter.

The Korean tech giant has announced that users in Sweden are first in line followed by the rest of Europe, with firmware upgrades for the Galaxy S2 rolling out in November and for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 before the year ends. Users in the U.S. will have to wait further as no scheduled release for the update has been announced.

The network-dependent update comes after the Jelly Bean upgrade for Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S3, was made available to European users beginning late September, with Polish users getting first crack.

Other Samsung devices that are slated to receive the Jelly Bean update in the coming months are the Tab 2.7.0, Tab 2.10.1, Tab 7.0 Plus, S Advance, S2 LTE, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Mini and the Galaxy S Duos.

Benchmark scores comparing the Jelly Bean and its predecessor, the Ice Cream Sandwich on a Galaxy S3 reveal insignificant differences on web browsing, processing and graphics acceleration speeds. Apart from improvements on notifications, home screens, widgets, browsing experience and the debut of the offline voice typing functionality and Project Butter which allows slicker visuals and animations, the biggest and possibly most useful addition to this update is Google Now.