Samsung Galaxy Nexus to Receive Software Update

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samsung galaxy nexus, galaxy nexus, verizon galaxy nexus, nexus primeRepresentatives from Verizon Wireless have confirmed that Samsung’s smartphone, the much-hyped Galaxy Nexus, is due for a software update that should increase the device’s signal strength. The announcement was made just a few days after the phone’s US release.

While Samsung has claimed that the phone’s general performance is not the issue, the signal strength has been a sore spot for several consumers. As of now, there is no exact date for the changes. However, some clients have been informed by Verizon’s customer service department that the update should take place this month.

A few Galaxy Nexus owners have placed the source of the issues to discrepancies in the signal strength of Verizon’s LTE network. According to Verizon, there are 179 cities in America that have LTE service, but the strength of signal may vary depending on the number of LTE towers in the given location.

A Los Angeles-based reviewer tested the phone and provided Verizon with an example of this inconsistency. The review illustrated how the phone’s signal would gradually decrease from two bars 4G LTE service to 3G service. 4G service was shown to be available, but without any bars and no data connection to the Pandora music service.

A spokesperson for Verizon has stated that with the upcoming software update, the Galaxy Nexus should provide a signal closer to what customers have come to expect from other Verizon Wireless devices. This should be a good sign for users of the phone, including a few other online bloggers who have since expressed their dissatisfaction in their reviews.