Samsung Confirms No Galaxy S3 Showcase at MWC

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samsung galaxy s3, galaxy s3, galaxy s3 rumors, galaxy s3 release dateGood news and bad news for smartphone fanatics expecting a preview of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The good news – yes, it will be out eventually. The bad news – no, it won’t be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress to be held at the end of the month in Barcelona.

Samsung officially made the announcement through TechRadar, stating that the successor to the popular Galaxy S2 will be launched at a different event altogether. They added that the event would be hosted by Samsung and would take place no later than June 2012. For the MWC, Samsung is planning to exhibit other electronic gadgets, which might include a rival to the budget-priced Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

In the meantime, Samsung’s delayed launch of the new Galaxy phone may prove advantageous to other mobile phone manufacturers who are hoping to move up in the sales rankings. The Galaxy S3 is considered by many to be one of the two most-anticipated new handsets for 2012 (the other being the iPhone 5), and at the moment Apple’s flagship phone doesn’t seem to be anywhere near a prospective launch date. Like the Galaxy S3, though, the iPhone 5 is expected to arrive later in the year, but certainly not this quarter.

It is believed that Samsung is holding off the preview of the Galaxy S3 to avoid a huge discrepancy between international and American launch dates. This has often been the case with Samsung releases, though that hasn’t stopped the South Korean company from grabbing a large percentage of the mobile phone market share.