Red Meat Causes Prostate Cancer according to Study

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red meat, prostate cancer, red meats risks, red meat and cancerRed meat has always been a villain in the eyes of cardiologists and other medical practitioners and now there is yet another reason why you should steer clear from red meat. According to a new study, there is an increased risk of developing prostate cancer among men if they consume a lot of red meat specifically if its grilled or well-done.

Men in the said trial who ate 2 servings of red meat were more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer in the long term as compared to men who did not eat red meat. It’s not the meat per se, experts say, it’s the way it’s cooked.

Researchers looked into participants who loved burgers and ate grilled or barbecued meat. Those who liked theirs well-done had a higher risk of getting cancer. The men who liked their red meat meals medium rare or rare on the other hand had a 12% increase in developing cancer.

Ronald D. Ennis, M.D the director of radiation oncology at New York City’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center said in an interview that this study is yet another piece of evidence regarding the harmful effects of grilled meat. Grilled meat contains a lot of carcinogens, experts say.