Nokia Planning New Lumia WP8 Handset, a ‘True PureView’ Phone


Nokia Planning New Lumia WP8 Handset, a 'True PureView' PhoneAs it stands, Nokia’s Lumia 920 is widely considered to be the leader among Windows Phone 8 handsets out in the market, in terms of specifications, special features and unit sales. However, there may be an even better Lumia out later this year, as suggested by some new rumors.

Nokia is reportedly working on a new phone, the Lumia EOS, which will be the first-ever “true PureView” handset to be released. The EOS is expected to be offered by AT&T in the United States.

There are two things that could make the Lumia EOS stand out from other Windows Phone 8 devices. First, in terms of features, Nokia’s Lumia EOS may have an aluminum chassis, as opposed to the polycarbonate build used on previous Lumia handsets. In terms of specifications, the Lumia EOS is expected to come with the same 41-megapixel rear camera that debuted on the PureView 808 feature phone, a Symbian device that was announced at last year’s Mobile World Congress.

If there’s a possible drawback to all of this, it’s that the 41-megapixel sensor could make the EOS chunkier than the average Windows Phone 8 handset. That could be a dealbreaker for many a customer, 41-megapixel camera or none. If the possible thickness of the EOS is an issue, another Lumia phone is expected to launch later this year, probably by early summer.

The Nokia Catwalk will also feature an aluminum chassis, and is expected to serve as the follow-up to the Lumia 920 released late last year.