New Samsung Galaxy S2 Ad Mocks iPhone 4S

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samsung galaxy s2, iphone 4s, galaxy s2, galaxy s2 ad, apple iphoneThe new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S2 directly attacks the iPhone 4S, sources say. Samsung’s ad is rather controversial since it depicts people in queue outside stores. It seems that the world of smartphones, the game is on.

The ad was first released online but it made its TV debut this year’s Thanksgiving Day. It starts with people waiting in line for a smartphone store to open and with only 9 hours to go, people are “amped”. While waiting in line, one guy is checking out blogs about the new phone and mentions that the battery may be a little sketchy.

There are a lot of blows aimed at Apple’s iPhone 4S in the new Samsung S2 ad and aside from these blows, sources say that it is also a mockery of the rather cult-like following of the technology giant Apple.

One funny thing in the ad is based on a common complaint of those who bought the iPhone 4S i.e. the handset looking like the iPhone 4 making it impossible to distinguish one from the other.

This is of course not the first time for Samsung and Apple to be in some form of altercation. Just recently, Apple and Samsung went through a debate on who will be allowed to advertise their products as the thinnest smartphone available in the market.