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Mortgage Rates Today: Wells Fargo and Chase Refinance Rates This Weekend



Mortgage Rates Today: Wells Fargo and Chase Refinance Rates This WeekendSan Francisco-headquartered mortgage lender, Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) offers the 30-year fixed loan at a rate of 3.625% and an APR variable of 3.799% this weekend. Potential borrowers, who believe the 15-year FRM fits the bill better, can expect to pay 2.875% in interest and 3.182% by way of APR.

Additional home refinancing options include the 30-year fixed FHA deal, which has a daily low of 3.625% and it features an APR figure of 4.686%. Those looking for ARM mortgage solutions, will see the 5-year ARM being offered at Wells Fargo at a rate of 2.375% and an APR of 2.951%. The 5-year ARM FHA is up for grabs at 2.250%, while the APR stands at 2.900% as of this weekend.

Non-conforming loans, including the 30-year fixed Jumbo loan can be locked in today at a rate of 4.000%, and it bears an annual percentage rate of 4.130%.

Those borrowers who prefer Chase (NYSE:JPM) as their mortgage lender, will see the 30-year fixed refinance loan carrying a rate of 3.750% and an annual percentage rate of 3.811%. The 15-year FRM has an asking rate of 2.875% and it bears an APR of 3.018%.

Moving on to more flexible loans, the 7/1 ARM is available today at a rate of 2.750% and the APR hovers at 3.095%. Other preferring Chase’s 5/1 adjustable rate loan, will need to pay a rate of 2.750%, while the APR comes out at 3.023%.

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