More Speculations Surfaced regarding Samsung Galaxy S3

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samsung galaxy s3, galaxy s3, galaxy s3 featuresThe Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a real cash cow for South Korean electronics giant Samsung, just as the rest of the Galaxy line has. As the first quarter of 2012 reaches its midpoint, whispers regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3’s features are growing louder and louder. To think that it was recently announced by Samsung itself that they won’t be previewing the S3 at the 2012 MWC in Barcelona.

The speculated features of the Galaxy S3 are quite impressive, to say the least. First off, it may be fueled by a quad-core CPU that will likely trump the S2’s power source. RAM is expected to be increased in comparison to the S2.

Its resolution will be impressive if rumors regarding a Super AMOLED Plus HD display are accurate. And with a 12-megapixel rear camera, the S3 just might have one of the most powerful rear-facing shooters in the market. We haven’t mentioned the increased battery size, which should equate to more longevity.

As for the business implications of the upcoming Galaxy S3 smartphone, there have been analysts predicting great things as early as now for Samsung’s market share. One of these analysts is Maynard Um from UBS, who cited Samsung as one of the potential pillars of the smartphone industry this year.

While Um did not mention any definite reasons, he added that Samsung and Apple may take up as much as 90 percent of all smartphone sales in 2012, with other makers of Android phones taking up most of the other ten percent.