Latest iPad 3 Rumor Centered on Features

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apple ipad 3, ipad 3, ipad 3 featuresThe buzz nowadays in the tablet market is centered on Apple’s upcoming iPad 3, particularly following a recent rumor that the pride of Cupertino, CA would be holding a special event next month. Release dates are still tipped to fall sometime next month, but since most sources agree on that point, the main focus of interest is now on the tablet’s rumored features.

A few sources are speculating that the iPad 3 will support Long-Term Evolution, or LTE connectivity. This should make the iPad 3 a first in its class to adapt this exciting new form of technology that is currently taking the smartphone scene by storm. Retina display (that type of display that is supposedly capable of 326 ppi resolution) is another hot talking point.

Regarding the under-the-hood specs and OS, the new iPad might feature a new A6 chipset and new iOS 5.1 platform respectively. To top it all off, the iPad 3 may likely support the iPhone 4S’ Siri application, a voice-activated “virtual assistant.”

However, the latest batch of rumors isn’t exclusively about iPad 3 specs. There has been talk of a smaller iPad measuring 7.85 inches that may be released sometime in the second quarter of 2012. Like the iPad 3, it will likely support LTE, however such a rumor is especially intriguing considering that this might be Apple’s answer to the inexpensive Amazon Kindle Fire.

While the Kindle Fire didn’t come close to the iPad’s sales figures, it was a considerable success, as its affordable pricing helped carve a niche for smaller, less expensive tablet computers.