iPad 3 Release Countdown: A Look at What’s New?

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ipad 3, ipad 3 rumors, ipad 3 display, ipad 3 features, ipad 3 release dateWhen it comes to rumors regarding Apple products, it is normally advisable to believe them only when you see them. The same applies with the latest barrage of speculation regarding the list of new features that might be on the iPad 3, as well as the upcoming release date.

Based on the rumors that have been compiled thus far, the iPad 3 may undergo a complete revamp, starting with the design. When it comes to the features, the scuttlebutt is far more exciting.

There has been word of a possible quad-core processor to rival that found underneath other slates such as the Asus Transformer Prime. Improvements on the iPad’s display quality have also been speculated, as some have cited similarities to the iPhone’s retina display.

Battery quality is said to be vastly improved. Furthermore, the possibility of 4G LTE support is quite real, what with many manufacturers integrating this technology into their devices.

So far, these are just a few of the many rumors circulating about the features and design, but we must reiterate these are not official facts. What we do know so far is that the iPad 2 will not be bidding us goodbye once its successor hits the shelves.

Apple has stated they will be reducing the iPad 2’s price instead, which is certainly good news for consumers who may not be able to afford a brand new iPad at what again could be a prohibitive cost.