iPad 3 Launch Date Points to February 2012

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ipad 3, ipad 3 release date, apple ipad, ipad 3 rumorsWords about the release of the next generation iPad3 are already stretched out over the web. Rumors say it won’t come in flesh until February, next year. Analyst Richard Gardner says, Apple is all set for iPad 3 debut in early 2012.

Apple, still, tops the tablet market with marked superiority among other Android rivals after the release of iPad 2 in March this year. As per Apple products discharge date, they actually could’ve unfettered iPad 3 in March 2012.

However, some tech scare prompted Apple to unveil the latest iPad version earlier than expected. Steep competition in the tablet market for various reasons may perhaps bring out iPad 3 in early February.

After Amazon’s Kindle Fire release at a debut price of $200, a greater proportion of buyers has opted for the tablet. Packed up with Android OS and an inexpensive price, Kindle Fire must have robbed iPad’s fame in the market.

In addition, Microsoft Windows 8 trusses up with Nokia and other. This new Windows OS, aiming to take the lead on the global market, is just another scare to iPad than it is to Android.

Recent mania on Tegra 3-powered tablets by Asus perceptibly warns Apple to start rolling out quad core-powered iPads. Moreover, the latest Android tablets are now featured with 4G LTE connectivity, which iPads should elicit in the next versions.