ICS Update Fix Coming for Asus Transformer Prime

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asus transformer prime, transformer prime, asus tabletAfter several complaints regarding the recent Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Asus Transformer Prime, company representatives finally confirmed that there is indeed a problem with the patch. According to Asus technical manager Gary Key, the company will be releasing a fix for the ICS upgrade around the first week of March.

Users of the frequently-panned hybrid tablet have complained about screen freezes after updating the device with the new Ice Cream Sandwich platform. This bug is expected to be dealt with through the update, and Key added that he is aware of two other common customer complaints – the Transformer Prime’s poor Bluetooth and WiFi performance. He advised Prime users to forward their units’ serial numbers so the company can closely monitor these technical issues.

When the update to Ice Cream Sandwich was initially released earlier this month, it was expected that the update would do more than just allow users to experience the latest, and supposedly greatest Android platform. It was also expected to serve as a fix for the tablet’s WiFi and GPS issues. However, the update turned out to be an even bigger headache for many of the Prime’s disgruntled users – GPS performance remained poor and WiFi connectivity was barely existent for many. As a result, Asus pulled out any references to GPS support in advertisements for the Transformer Prime.

In other Asus news, a smaller, more affordable tablet is expected to be launched by the Taiwanese manufacturer later in the year. At $249, the speculated Asus Memo is targeted towards the budget market, whose preferences include devices such as the Amazon Kindle Fire.