Editorial Team

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Frank J. Hall


Frank is the founder and chief executive editor of Southern Daily Press online newspaper. Frank oversees the operations at Southern Daily Press and chairs the editorial board meetings.

Anna Majewska

Senior Writer

Anna is a Polish journalist who has covered various political and cultural happenings through the last 6 years. In the past she has worked as cultural correspondent and news reporter in several Eastern and Southern European countries.

 Zdravko Vukelic

Senior Writer

Zdravko is a senior editor and writer specialized on financial topics and market insights with more than 12 years experience under his belt. He has a strong interest in Southeast European business and industrial development.

 Nicole Pickering

Senior Writer, Editorial Assistant

Nicole plays an important role in our team, being the editorial assistant of Southern Daily Press. She is a senior professional covering legal news for more than 7 years whose attention to detail is second to none.

 Jason. S. McKinney

Senior Writer

Jason is a London-based writer with extensive writing experience on all kind of tech and gadget related topics. He worked for a number of online gadget newspapers, covering the latest news on smartphones, tablets, consoles and mobile apps.

Mira Blažević

Junior Writer

Mira is a junior business writer hailing from Zagreb, Croatia. She joined Southern Daily Press in September 2011 and she is specialized in providing cultural and business reports.

Paul Michalski

Senior Writer

Paul is a veteran journalist and political commentator based in Zurich. His experience as publisher, editor and syndicated writer spans over 30 years. His unique approach to writing attracts many readers worldwide.

Carlos Fonseca

Senior Writer

Carlos is a contributing writer.