Apple Reports 48 Million iPhones Sold for Fiscal Q1 2013


Apple Reports 48 Million iPhones Sold for Fiscal Q1 2013Compared to the first fiscal quarter of 2012 where Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) sold over 37 million iPhones, Apple sold approximately 47.8 million iPhones in its first fiscal quarter for 2013, which covers the months of October to December 2012.

Apple’s much-hyped and anticipated quarterly earnings call was held on Wednesday, and in this call Chief Executive Timothy Cook announced record shipments for its signature smartphone.

This was a key variable in Apple’s$6 billion increase in revenue; compared to the December ending quarter of 2011, Apple’s revenue totaled $30.6 billion for the December ending quarter of 2012, or first fiscal quarter of 2013. As for drivers of Apple’s record iPhone sales, China was a major factor in the significant increase in sales. Year-over-year revenue in China increased by 67 percent, largely due to the iPhone.

These record-setting numbers were set despite continuing supply constraints for the iPhone 5 and low yield rates which were, some time, a major concern for market analysts. Interestingly, the two year-old iPhone 4 was a very in-demand device, with demand significantly outweighing supply in the December ending quarter.

Cook also had addressed concerns regarding a reduction in iPhone 5 unit and parts order cuts, and had noted out quite incisively that reports that focus single-mindedly on one variable cannot be descriptive of Apple’s business strategy as a whole. As for the future of the iPhone, Cook stressed the importance of Apple’s Retina Display technology as opposed to possibly increasing the screen size.

Retina Display is the company’s proprietary high-definition (HD) display that has been a staple of the iPhone line since the iPhone 4.